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Ecological solutions for bats, swifts, house sparrows & amphibians

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On this page you can read more about the story behind Bats & Birds and our mission to give nature a helping hand.

From installing bat and amphibian screens to inspecting buildings with drones, our range of tasks is extensive.

In our clear and well-designed webshop you can purchase accommodation for bats, swifts and house sparrows.


(Re)building or demolishing? Consider protected species

Before you start building, renovating or demolishing, an ecological analysis has been made or you should have one carried out to see whether there are protected animal species in the area. If this appears to be the case, (temporary) nesting boxes must be installed beforehand in order to provide safe shelter for the protected animal species. Ten you can start the construction work. That way, you can have fixed nesting boxes incorporated in your building during the renovation.

After mitigating measures have been taken, your building or property must be made unsuitable. This means that protected animal species can leave safely and can no longer enter the property. If your property is declared clean after an on-site inspection, construction, renovation or demolition work can begin. Bats & Birds has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to successfully make properties unsuitable for bats, birds or other protected species.

In addition to the service of rendering unsuitable, we also supply sustainable ‘exclusion flaps’ of wood, which we can take back after use. This solution ensures that bats can leave the property, but can no longer enter it. Unlike plastic alternatives, the Bats & Birds exclusion flaps do not cause an additional burden on nature due to reuse.


For bats, swifts & house sparrows

Would you like to have one or more nest boxes installed? Whether the nesting box is to be placed on a building or property, or on a pole in the outdoor area, Bats & Birds will be happy to help you with it. Through years of experience we are familiar with existing brands and types of boxes for bats, swifts and house sparrows. In addition, Bats & Birds develops high-quality nesting boxes with attention to smart placement, different climate zones and the use of the right colours.

Both individuals and companies can buy ecologically responsible products from us. In terms of animal species, we help bats, swifts, house sparrows and amphibians. We do this with nesting, pairing and bat boxes and amphibian screens.

We manufacture our products entirely ourselves and install them for you if you wish. Even more than ecologists and other animal lovers, we are committed to making our boxes as efficient as possible and to encouraging mitigation if the animal species are threatened during renovations.

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What we offer

Find out here which products you can buy from us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

House sparrow

Custom work

Popular products

Bat box “Mark”

Bat box suitable as summer and pairing accommodation.

House sparrow box “Anton”

Box with 2 nesting places.

Exclusion flap

Exclusion flap for making homes and buildings unsuitable.

Getting a bat box or an amphibian screen?

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