From nesting boxes to amphibian screens

At Bats & Birds, we can offer you various animal-friendly solutions that benefit biodiversity. Consider bat boxes and amphibian screens. Below you will find an overview of our tasks:

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We install temporary or permanent (built-in) nesting and nursing boxes for bats, swifts and house sparrows

We make homes, offices and complexes unsuitable. In addition, we provide exclusion flaps and customisation in consultation with an ecologist.

Through amphibian screens we help frogs and toads to ensure their safety while crossing roads during their biennial migration.

Bat screens provide landmarks that indicate an alternative flight route when there are few trees.

Placing nesting and nursing boxes

We install nesting and nursing boxes for bats, swifts and house sparrows. We will give you an additional explanation about those for bats in particular.

Due to the fact that bats themselves cannot build nests and often nest in existing gaps or crevices, they become vulnerable to possible changes such as renovations. That is why a safe nesting or nursing box is indispensable.

Their habitats are legally protected, as bats are very useful for controlling mosquitoes and other pest insects. That means you are only allowed to demolish their accommodation if you build a new one.

We can design and install both temporary and permanent boxes, which we position in an (in)visible spot. You can choose from small prefabricated models and large customised boxes. In addition, we can give you advice on which models best suit your building. Below, we briefly list which boxes we can make:

  • temporary boxes: bats, swift & house sparrows
  • masonry boxes: bats, swifts & house sparrows
  • specials/customisation: bats & peregrine falcons
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Gerecycleerde exclusionflap

Making unsuitable (according to ecological protocol)

  • making homes, offices & complexes unsuitable
  • supplying & placing barrier brushes
  • supplying & placing exclusion flaps
  • custom solutions in consultation with ecologist

Installing amphibian screens

Amphibian screens are an excellent solution to help frogs and toads cross the road safely during the biennial migration. With recyclable screens that do not tear or break and are waterproof, we prevent the animals being run over in busy traffic.

We can even protect small game with it because we combine them with wire mesh. The rolls are no less than 25 m long and have a light grain structure, which does not reflect light. As a result, the screens blend in with the natural landscape.


Installing bat screens

Trees are important landmarks for bats because they reflect sonar waves from the animals. If trees or entire forests are felled, bat screens offer solace. These screens then form new landmarks that indicate an alternative flight path.

This way the bats can continue to hunt without being disturbed. Even during renovations, you must take into account the provision of a different flight path for the legally protected bats.

Customisation & specials

Slimme sensoren

Smart sensors to measure occupancy in nesting or nursing boxes

Working at a high altitude (with an aerial work platform)

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We provide all services above in the context of mitigation. That term means that we protect vulnerable animal species and ensure safe places for them to stay at if their current accommodation is threatened (e.g. during renovations).